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    Written by Keith Harrison on 17/08/2018

    When to Look for a Custom Power Supply

    When to Look for a Custom Power Supply

    You are designing a system?

    As almost everything we use is powered in part or in whole by electricity you most certainly need one or many power converters. Your first, and sensible, reaction is to roam the Web and look for an offering which satisfies your needs. After a few hours or even a few days of research nothing really fits, there is always something wrong. It could be the converter size and shape is wrong, the communication protocol does not integrate well with your system, the combination of output channels does not satisfy you or it could be any other factor specific to your requirement. In this case, it is time to consider commissioning the design of a custom power supply.


    You have designed a system in the past

    You have selected a power converter at that time but found out after a few years that “your” converter has been discontinued. You do not wish to repeat the experience? A custom power supply design may be for you.

    A custom power supply is the answer to many manufacturers’ power problems. If your design imposes a set of non-standard power requirements, then a custom power supply is what you’re looking for.


    What do you need the power supply for?

    Whether you are looking for

    There are a plethora of situations that require a custom power supply. Some equipment requires a steady voltage with minimal fluctuation or power supplied in a specific output waveform. Some power supplies need to be made to fit in a complex or unusual enclosure shape. The set of requirements imposed on a converter will influence the design approach. Requirements can be placed upon numerous facets of a converter some of which are listed in our blog posts “Commissioning a Custom Power Supply” and “Custom Power Supply Design Challenges”. Some other factors are also added hereafter:

    Nonetheless, the list can never be comprehensive. Please get in touch if you have any further requirements.


    Why choose Celab for your custom power supply

    Here at Celab, we’ve been designing and manufacturing custom power supplies for use in rugged environments for over 40 years. We’ve got a team of experienced and enthusiastic power supply designers who are on hand to solve any of your power supply problems.

    As a company, we focus on our POLAR values, which support our business day to day. These values mean that all of our power designers have the understanding and experience of power supply design combined with the ethos to create innovative and excellent products. Our designers are flexible in their approach, are proud of their designs and through continuous learning are developing their skills every day. We’re proud of our excellent customer service and the long-term support provided to our customers.


    Celab are on hand to design power supplies that integrate with your current system. This includes testing and analysis of results, which we share with you before adjusting the designs to ensure optimum performance in your system. This approach means that our custom power supply can exactly match your technical and commercial requirements.


    We understand that the fast pace of the power industry means that obsolescence is a real issue faced by many companies. Instead of producing short-term products that may become incompatible with your needs in the future, we take a proactive approach, ensuring our power supplies are designed with the future in mind. We’re ready to offer support for the lifetime of your power supply, alongside helping with any current obsolescence issues you face.


    Celab have had a wide range of experiences in our 40-year history of power design and manufacturing. We’ve worked on products in industries such as:


    Contact Celab to discuss your custom power supply requirements

    If you’re ready to plan your custom power supply requirements now, or would like to discuss your needs further you can call us on +44 (0) 1420 477 011 or email at