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What is Rugged Power Supply & Why Do I Need It?

What is Rugged Power Supply & Why Do I Need It?

What is Rugged Power Supply?


A rugged power supply is essentially a durable power unit that can withstand challenging and harsh environments, often bringing power to places where the mains supply is unreliable or even unavailable.

They are designed and built with the ability to withstand extremes in altitude, temperature, shock and vibration -making them the best power solution for a wide range of industries.


Which Industries Need Rugged Power Supply?


Rugged power supplies can be used in almost any industry, but there are some key industries that have the need for this type of power supply more than others.



This industry has the majority need for rugged power supplies. Defence organisations such as the Army or Navy need power for a variety of different purposes, from communications through to weapon use.

It’s essential their power supply can withstand the conditions in which it’s placed, which could be anywhere. The power supply may need to be waterproof, heat proof, dustproof. It will also need to be in a strong, but lightweight casing so it’s not damaged in transit.



Manufacturing plants and industry factories require a high level of power, and sometimes under some challenging conditions. These locations are generally warm places, typically because of the heat output from the machines involved in construction – they can also be humid or dusty, all of which are not suited to traditional power supply.



Hospitals and healthcare establishments have specific power needs, one of the most important factors is that the power supply is uninterruptible, as you would expect. These environments can also be challenging for traditional power supply as they are generally warmer climates and there is potential for humidity depending on where the power supplies are installed.

Some power supplies may need to be able to be transported quickly along with the device it operates, so it’s essential that they are rugged enough for transportations, along with being able to function successfully in a range of environments.



Power supply for the automotive sector needs to be durable and rugged because of the conditions it’s used under. It also has to adhere to strict guidelines and standards to be used in a mode of transport.


Custom Rugged Power Supply Design


Here at Celab, we create bespoke rugged power supply systems for a wide range of industries. We offer a full design and validation service in order to comply with the most stringent of defence, automotive and manufacturing standards.

Our design team prides itself on professionalism and innovation, and has nurtured relationships with customers lasting more than four decades. Our manufacturing and test services are continually improved and developed to meet changing product and customer needs. Irrespective of technology advancement, we will always support our loyal and long-lasting customers with all of their obsolescence product requirements.


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