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    Written by Peter Hore on 16/05/2018

    what is a Harsh or Demanding Environment?

    Power Supplies For Harsh and Demanding Environments

    What is a Harsh or Demanding Environment?


    This term can refer to a large variety of challenging environments.

    Generally, if it’s a harsh environment for a human, you can be quite sure that electronics will be starting to experience a hard time. These are the kinds of environments that need to be considered:








    Applications Requiring Rugged Power Supply


    There are a huge variety of different industries that operate in harsh or demanding environments. These all require high levels of power protection, because of the environment they operate in and the type of service they offer.

    This is a short example of the types of industries that may require this level of power protection due to the environments they operate within.


    Why You Need Rugged Power Supply


    Most power supplies are built to be shut in their own private room in a building, which is dust-free, dry, and heat regulated. This is a power suppliers dream, as it’s an electronically habitable environment.

    When it comes to harsh and demanding environments it’s essential that power designers take the challenges into account at the design stage. The specific environmental conditions that the product will be used in will heavily influence the product specifications.

    A rugged power supply will incorporate these environmental specifications to create a power supply that will not falter and ensures a smooth and constant level of power whenever it’s needed!


    Tailored Power Supplies for Harsh Environments


    Only a few power supply manufacturers offer the level of supply needed for harsh and demanding environments. Celab has a wealth of experience with creating bespoke rugged power supplies for the military industry.  

    We compete shoulder-to-shoulder in the global power supply market, designing and producing power solutions for land-based, naval and avionic applications.  Our defence customers benefit directly, by accessing the experience we’ve gained over our 40-year history.

    Celab ability to design for harsh environments also extends to other markets.  Recently Celab designed an industrial 9 kW, three-phase, power factor corrected converter.  The power supply is designed to operate in an environment where the air is filled with electrically conductive particles.  Cooling this apparatus is thus particularly demanding as ambient air cannot be used to directly cool the electronics. The cooling solution adopted increases the difficulty of meeting the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements.  However, Celab has fully qualified the units to class A for both conducted and radiated emissions.


    Celab Products and Services


    We offer a full design and validation service, complying with the most stringent standards and certifications. We pride ourselves on our innovation and professionalism and ensure our manufacturing and test services are continually improved.  Here at Celab, we adhere to the highest standards through our missions and values, as well as ‘best in class’ manufacturing.

    Celab understands that technology is advancing at an alarming rate, so we also offer reverse engineering design, to support our long-standing customers with any obsolescence product needs.

    If you want more information or to talk about your requirements please call us on 01420 477 011 or email at