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    Key Features of Celab’s Custom power supply

    Factory Automation

    Cost-effective process

    • In-line surface mount
    • Wave and Selective soldering
    • Automated Optical Inspection
    • In circuit flying probe testing
    • Automated product testing

    • Manufacturing process with surface mount line
    • Wave solder and selective solder
    • Flying probe board test
    • STTE

    Innovative TechnologIES

    State of the art Facilities

    • Adding innovation to proven existing technologies
    • Microprocessor power control and communication
    • 3 phase Power Factor Correction


    • Cadstar for circuit capture and PCB design
    • Solidworks for mechanical modelling
    • Simetrics for circuit analysis
    • Blending circuit design and 3D modelling for complex custom shapes
    • Circuit modelling
    • 3D design and Solid modelling

    Time to Market

    In-House Certification

    • Fast track to prototypes
    • Parallel activities to reach volume manufacture
    • Confidence testing in-house prior to formal external qualification
    Power supply assembly and testing

    Benefits of working with Celab

    • Competitive pricing
    • Obsolescence management
    • Fast reaction to schedule changes
    • Mechanical, electrical and software design expertise
    • Compliance to quality and safety standards
    • Long-term customer support
    Research and design link block

    Why choose Celab as your custom power supply designer?


    When embarking on any form of custom design there is an understandable fear of the unknown.

    By harnessing the many years of design experience gained from previous ‘real-life’ projects and using simulation tools to explore new concepts, Celab is able to lower the risks inherent in any fledgeling power supply design.

    Our engineering successes show our advanced electronic designs and innovative mechanical packaging are at the forefront of technology. We’re proud to hold the international standard ISO 9001. You can discover more about our business excellence here. Our POLAR values are the key to our success – supporting our business every working day. They ensure that everybody at Celab is wholly focused on their role; being the best they can be, generating the enthusiasm and vigour that pushes our designers to be innovative leaders in their field.

    If you have a need for a custom or semi-custom power supply, please feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our design engineers.

    Process of commissioning a custom power supply



    Our Custom Power Supply Products