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    Written by Celab Admin on 13/02/2018


    The regular classes are open to every employee, free to join and suitable for all fitness abilities. Launched in January, the sessions have been well received by staff, this is clearly proven by over 20% of the workforce attending each session.

    Power up fitness classic team photo

    Julian Wood, managing director set the wheels in motion at the staff Christmas party. Julian said: “After the excesses of Christmas it seemed a good way to start the new year. It’s proven tougher than anticipated, but I’m delighted with the commitment and support for the initiative. The group size has been growing each week and it’s nice to see participants from all areas of the company joining together and sharing the experience and fun!”

    Holly McBrown, sales administrator, and Natalie Mais, accounts assistant, Celab have coordinated this new initiative. Holly said: “John Halstall is our professional fitness instructor and trains us once a week. He’s able to cleverly run a class suitable for all abilities, quite a skill with 20 people in one training session! Everyone attending has noticed an improvement in their overall fitness and muscle tone which is great. The success is such we’re likely to run two back-to-back sessions so staff can choose between a cardio & core session or circuit training.”