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Supervisor watching staff soldering circuit board

Custom Power Supply Design Challenges

Written by Peter Hore

Whenever a customer commissions the design of a custom power supply the engineer is faced with many requirements. Some of the factors to consider in determining requirements are listed below. Meeting the individual requirements is challenging. However, multiple requirements create opposite demands on the design

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man looking at computer Commissioning a Custom Power Supply

Commissioning a Custom Power Supply

Written by Keith Harrison

We live in a world where almost everything we use is powered by electricity. Raw electrical power sources can be mains alternating voltage, batteries, wind mill turbine output, solar panel output, batteries etc. In almost all cases a product designer will need a converter to transform the raw electrical power into an output compatible with the intended use. Power Supply manufacturers offer a wide variety of off-the-shelf converters for this purpose. However, there are many cases where this broad market offering will not suit the designer’s need.

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