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    Written by Mimi Lunt on 28/10/2021

    Interview With David Miles, Finance


    Our staff are incredibly important to us at Celab, their expertise and skills are what makes our business successful and innovative in the custom power supply field. This month, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary and we’ll be interviewing team members to understand what their roles are, how life at Celab has changed and their expectations for the future.

    Our next interview is with David Miles.


    Introduce yourself – your name, background, role and how long you have worked at Celab?

    My name is David Miles. I started working at Celab on 3rd September 1984, so I have been here for 36 years. I work in the finance department calculating the cost of manufacturing our units. Over the years I have done many other jobs in finance and, for a time, in purchasing. Before coming to Celab I worked in the construction industry as an apprentice carpenter and then in finance.


    Can you remember your first day – what were you driving, wearing, and eating for lunch and how are they different from today?

    When I started we were in 58 Woolmer Way. There were four of us in a small office with all the furniture and a printer (a large dot matrix). It was a bit of a squeeze. We had terminals on the mini computer which Celab had then. Green screens and text. I think I was driving a Leyland Metro.


    What do you enjoy most about working at Celab?

    The companionship of my colleagues. Celab has always been a welcoming company. I remember being welcomed on my first day by Barry – the MD himself no less.


    What is one of the most memorable moments from working at Celab so far?

    I think the Staff Appreciation Day in 2019 stands out. We haven’t had anything quite like that before because not everyone comes to the Christmas dinner.


    How has working at Celab helped your career development?

    My colleagues encouraged me to study for an accounting qualification.


    Tell us your biggest accomplishments since starting your role with Celab?

    The implementation of electronic clocking. Not entirely my accomplishment but one of the biggest things I’ve been involved in. And now getting employees to book holidays online.


    What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in electronics manufacturing over the years?

    The introduction of machines such as the surface mount machine and soldering machine.


    What are the challenges faced by electronics manufacturing and custom power design currently?

    The biggest challenge currently is the shortage of electronic parts and semi-conductors around the world, with ever increasing lead times.


    How do you think the electronics manufacturing market will change in the next 10 years?

    I think there will be continuing miniaturisation of components meaning more automation of manufacturing.


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