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    Written by Keith Harrison on 25/06/2018

    Commissioning a Custom Power Supply

    man looking at computer Commissioning a Custom Power Supply

    We live in a world where almost everything we use is powered by electricity. Raw electrical power sources can be mains alternating voltage, batteries, wind mill turbine output, solar panel output, batteries etc. In almost all cases a product designer will need a converter to transform the raw electrical power into an output compatible with the intended use. Power Supply manufacturers offer a wide variety of off-the-shelf converters for this purpose. However, there are many cases where this broad market offering will not suit the designer’s need.


    When would you need a Custom Power Supply?

    There are many factors which could lead a system designer to commission the design of a custom power supply. Here is a non-restrictive list of factors that can enter into the decision process:

    Based on your specification Celab offers a full-service solution from design to manufacturing of your converter. But our service goes beyond this. We can in addition:

    These last two points, integration and support, can be important deciding factors:

    Integration: during the testing in your system, Celab can analyse the results with you and adjust the design to your needs. We can even go one step beyond. Celab has experience integrating its client circuitry (special control hardware and/or firmware) into the power supply. A bespoke solution, such as this, can exactly match your technical and commercial requirements.

    Support: today’s fast pace and quick obsolescence of products may be incompatible with your needs. You may need to procure the power supply well beyond the two to five years product lifespan so common nowadays. For industrial applications, the need for product support can approach 10 years and for military it can be counted in decades.

    Celab has over 40 years’ experience designing and developing custom power supplies. We supply custom power solutions to a wide variety of industries for a number of different uses such as:

    Where we develop and design custom power supplies, the applications are really endless, so we’re not limited by industry. We can help with any of your power supply needs.


    Unsure if Custom Is for You

    Unsure if commissioning a custom power supply is for you, then contact our expert team. We will discuss your needs and help you make this determination.


    Custom Power Supply at Celab

    A custom power supply should solve your power needs effectively. A custom design is by nature an exact fit for your needs. Our design team will report back to you with feedback and request input on a regular basis in the design stage to ensure your supply is correct.

    We focus heavily on our POLAR values which support our business every day. These values mean that all of our power designers at Celab have the experience and understanding of power design combined with the ethos to create excellent products, be flexible, be proud of their designs and to continue learning and developing their skills every day.

    We have a wealth of experience from our 40 years of designing custom power supply for our clients across their varied sectors. We’re on hand to help design the most effective and efficient custom power supply, ensuring a smooth experience during the process. We adhere to the highest standards of design and installation through our missions and values as well as ‘best in class’ manufacturing.

    If you want more information or to talk about your requirements please call us on 01420 477 011 or email at