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    Written by Celab Admin on 20/03/2018


    Celab, a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged power supplies, announces it has added to its sizeable plant holdings with the acquisition of the Ersa Power Flow Air wave soldering machine. 

    Ersa Power Flow Air wave

    The new ‘Power Flow’ air version, sits side-by-side with its brother the Ersa VersaFlow 3/45, and boasts programmable spot fluxing, quartz preheat zones 9.8kW capacity solder bath. Both Ersa machines are fully automated, in-line solder machines with dual track transport.  The Ersa VersaFlow features single wave solder nozzle technology for highest flexibility and volume throughput. ERSA power flow

    Ian Brine, quality assurance manager, Celab said “We continue our strategic investment in plant machinery at Celab, having just taken delivery of the ‘Power Flow’ solder machine. Special thanks to Blundell Production who sourced and installed the new addition. Automation these days is the key to success and to stay ahead of fierce competition. Our customers’ demand ever increasing levels of quality at sensible prices, the Ersa Power Flow will enable Celab to deliver this effectively time after time”. 

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    Julian Wood, Managing Director Tel: +44 (0)1420 470111

    Notes to Editors:

    Celab is part of the global Murata Power Solutions group, operating across 6 continents. Celab has over 40 years’ experience designing and selling rugged, high-reliability power products across a diverse group of markets, both in the UK, Europe and America. Celab has capabilities to design tailor-made bespoke products for individual customer requirements, as well as manufacture in-house for export anywhere in the world.