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    Written by Celab Admin on 05/05/2017

    Celab Gains Competitive Advantage with Dynamic Reorganisation

    Celab, a leading British designer and manufacturer of rugged power supplies, announces the reconfiguring of its 2,000m² factory to enable both Industrial and Defence manufacturing units to operate as specialist business functions. 

    Industrial Production

    The Industrial production area has now more than doubled in floor space in order to meet long term customer demand. The support this requirement, Celab has made significant capital investment with the provision of a ‘state of the art’ Juki GL Printer, KE1080 Pick & Place and RS800 reflow oven. Within Stores, both parts and packing bay areas have enlarged three-fold to cope efficiently with the increased stockholding and general material logistics.

    Juki GL Printer, KE1080 Pick & Place and RS800 reflow oven

    Defence Division

    The Defence division has centralised manufacturing into a purpose built, climate controlled, secure area. This experienced and highly skilled team, all J-STD approved, will benefit from superior equipment and access to the new surface mount line.

    engineering Team

    The Engineering team (electrical & mechanical) move to new a dedicated area with expanded facilities for developing testing, including direct access to environmental chambers and vibration rigs. Additionally, the pre-compliance EMC chamber has benefitted from a new spectrum analyser and programmable AC source. 

    Julian Wood, managing director, Celab commented, “We’re delighted this restructure has taken place after several months of planning. We work tirelessly to ensure our products are the best in class, we take pride in the resulting high levels of customer satisfaction. The restructure will ensure we can compete at the highest levels of quality in this highly competitive market place”.