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    Written by Keith Harrison on 25/11/2021

    Celab Engineers Are Ahead Of The Telecoms Power Curve

    Celab has been at the forefront of power supply design and manufacture for the CATV (Cable TV) market since its inception. As cable TV and telephone lines have changed and upgraded over the years, so has our work in producing rugged and long-lasting power supplies for fibre networks.


    The SP1490 Digital Power Supply

    The Celab SP1490 Digital Power supply has been a staple product for over twenty years. It produces outputs to supply Cable TV (CATV) and copper telephone lines (TELCO) across much of the UK.

    The unit was updated several years ago to make better use of SMT as well as to include an ethernet interface that gives the customer access to comprehensive data from the power supplies and allows better logistical decisions in handling power outages or other in-field issues.

    Celab is currently at the beta phase of a software package encompassing a DHCP server, this allows Field Engineers to directly connect their laptops to the PSUs without needing a router thus making their service visits easier and more efficient. Although FTTH is being seen in more places, its’ roll-out still requires support of nearby, older networks and the SP1490 Digital remains a popular product.


    SP1660 CATV industrial power supply SP1650 CATV industrial power supply


    SP1650 & SP1660 Power Supplies

    The sister products from Celab are the SP1650 & SP1660, these are different form-factor versions of the same electronics; they produce just the CATV output and are increasingly being installed near new-build sites where FTTH/FTTC is not practical.

    It’s expected Celab will produce a similarly upgraded SP1650/60 Digital product soon. This suite of products would then satisfy the CATV / TELCO demands for several years; at least until FTTH becomes the norm and in-service / support beyond that.


    The Future of CATV / TELCO Power Supply Design

    Our long-standing relationship with CATV and Telecoms providers means Celab is at the forefront of innovations in the CATV and Telecoms marketplace. The latest software package design and creation is just a small step in a long journey to delivering high-quality power solutions and monitoring software for CATV clients.

    We future-proof all of our products and design with non-obsoletion and improvement in mind. Meaning even older power supplies can be reviewed and updated to modern standards of operation and use.

    Contact the team today to discuss your power supply requirements or for more information on how we can support your business with CATV / Telecoms power solutions.