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Written by Celab Admin on 23/05/2019

Celab Acquires state of the Art Full 3D Surface Mount Inspection Equipment

Celab, a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and military rugged power supplies, has purchased a Zenith Koh Young SMT 3D Automatic Optimal Inspection (AOI) machine to add to its world class facilities. 

The Zenith AOI offer a multitude of inspection and quality enhanced features. Compound benefits include: precision, speed, quick catches and a higher level of inspection consistency and repeatability. 

Zenith Koh Young SMT 3D Automatic Optimal Inspection (AOI) machine

With an experienced operator supporting the AOI machine, programs can be tuned to catch any minor defect which may appear; catching and fixing them before the assembly moves to the next assembly process. An entire panel of electronic circuitry, which previously would take an hour to inspect visually by an operator, takes only a minute with the Zenith. This ensures products keep moving efficiently through the manufacturing line. These ‘quick catch’ benefits are compounded – ie once minor defects are spotted, the operator can alert the SMT line to modify the set-up before the entire job is run, resulting in near-error free production.

Ian Brine, quality assurance manager, Celab commented, “The Zenith Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) will have a dramatic and highly positive output on our first-class quality inspection department. We believe Koh Young’s AOI to be the most capable 3D inspection technology available in the marketplace.”

Julian Wood, managing director, Celab said: “As power electronics continues to follow the path of consumer electronics, components are progressing more to SMT. Increase in overall component count and reduction is component size requires ever more rigorous inspection processess.”